Book Review #23: The Casual Vacancy (by JK Rowling)

Bought this for Christy many years ago - I owe her another present! I enjo... hmm... not quite the right word, but 'appreciated' isn't positive enough, I really liked this book! Not at all what I expected but that's not at all surprising since my expectations were based on the title alone - I thought … Continue reading Book Review #23: The Casual Vacancy (by JK Rowling)


Book Review #14: Wolfchild (by Rosanne Hawke)

A beautiful story that left me wanting more but also finished itself. Wolfchild sparked an interesting question: Is the protagonist always the main character? For me - Raw was very much the protagonist where Morwenna was the main character. Let me know what you think about this question and, if you've read Wolfchild, my answer.